Thank you to all who participated in the 2015 PFCC VisionQuest!Please check back for information on our next event. To learn more about PFCC, please visit or call 412-641-8890

What is PFCC Visionquest?

The PFCC VisionQuest (VQ) is an interactive workshop that provides the tools to implement the Patient Centered Value System (PCVS). The PCVS is a comprehensive approach for transforming care delivery that begins with viewing all care as experiences through the eyes of patients and families. Then, high performance care teams partner with patients and families to co-design care delivery that closes the gaps between the current state and the ideal – throughout your organization and extending into population/ community health. The PCVS operationalizes transformation through a Step-by-Step approach, giving providers and organizations the tools with which to achieve the Triple Aim and Value Trifecta: improved outcomes, improved experiences, and reduced costs.

Why should you attend the PFCC Visionquest?

Be a catalyst for change and join us for the 2015 PFCC VisionQuest! You’ll hear from the experts and the innovators, and learn how putting patients and families at the center can transform how you deliver care. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to become a part of the growing PFCC Community of Practice. See you soon!